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Election Information

Municipal General Election

Important Dates
The next Municipal election will be held in 2026. Date to be determined. 

Interested in Running in the Election - What You Need to Know
The Province of Manitoba has created a Guidebook for any persons interested in running in the Election, that information along with other generic information in regards to voting and the election can be found here:,elections.html or AMM – Association of Manitoba Municipalities | 2022 Municipal Elections Resource Hub. 

If you have any other questions in regards to running for the election, we encourage you to contact the Municipal Office and we would be happy to answer your questions. 

There are also a variety of resources, documents, videos or presentations that help persons to understand what local government involves and what you should understand if you are interested in such. The following link has videos provided through the Province of British Columbia: Thinking of Running for Local Office? – Province of British Columbia ( 

Multiple Non-Resident Voters
If you are a non-resident and have more than two persons on title to your land, only two title holders are able to vote in the election. It is the responsibility of these title holders to appoint two persons to be added to the voters list. 

A letter will be send out to all non-resident voters to ensure they are aware of this requirement. 

What Am I Really Voting For?
Municipal governments are the closest government to the people, they are often misconstrued as they are generally made up of friends, neighbors or colleagues, but municipal government is very important for our communities. This form of government is given a broad range of powers from the Provincial Government and those elected to the council are required to follow those guidelines, but also set the course for future planning within the communities.

Municipal governments have the responsibility to understand the needs and wants of the residents and then provide, maintain, or increase services and programs within the communities. They provide governance in the way of new policies or programs. They determine the best use of local funds and what the future of the local communities should look like.

What If I Own Land in Multiple Wards? Can I Vote in Each?

You are only able to cast one vote for a Council Member and one vote for a Reeve during the general municipal election. If you own land in multiple wards, but live in one ward you MUST vote in the ward you reside in.

If you are a non-resident and own land in multiple wards, please contact the SEO to inform them which ward you wish to vote for. If you do not inform the SEO of the voters list you wish to be on, you will be assigned one by the SEO.

Voters List
To ensure that your name is on the voters list, please contact the SEO at

Voters lists can be updated at any time, except for a specific period during an election.  

If you are concerned about personal information being obtained through the voters list, please contact the SEO to have your name obscured from the voter’s list. A personal security certificate will be issued to you in order to allow you to vote but protect your personal information that is regularly displayed on the voters list.

Where or How Can I Vote?
Polling Stations are open on specific dates which are revealed closer to the Election. 

If you are unable to attend the polling station on that specific date, there will be an advance poll held prior to the election date (date and location to be determined). 

For those that are not able to attend a polling station in person, they are encouraged to contact the SEO as soon as possible and sign up for mail in ballots. Ballots will be prepared after the close of nominations, and will be mailed out to all those who wish to vote through this avenue.  

Election Forms
Application to Vote by Sealed Envelope