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The Rural Municipality of Mountain is responsible for creating and maintaining an Emergency Plan for our residents. We also would like to provide our residents the education and resources in order for you to personally secure your safety in case of an emergency.

The Rural Municipality of Mountain is very dedicated in ensuring that our residents will be looked after in the event of an emergency. It is vital that residents of the Municipality are aware of our Emergency Plan and procedures in the event that there is a disaster.


Within the Emergency Plan, residents volunteer their time and energy to preform duties ensuring that all emergency situations are swiftly and safely for everyone. If you would like to be a part of our Emergency Plan please contact our Municipal Emergency Coordinator Stephen Nadolney @ 204-734-8950 or

We thank all those who are willing to volunteer!

Emergency Contact Information


Swan Valley Hospital: (204) 734-3441
Winnipegosis Hospital: (204) 656-4881
Grandview District Hospital: (204) 546-2425

RCMP Swan River Detachment (Complaints/Emergencies): (204) 734-3454
RCMP Swan River Detachment (Administration/General Inquiries): (204) 734-4686

RCMP Winnipegosis Detachment (Complaints/Emergencies): (204) 656-7000
RCMP Winnipegosis Detachment (Administration/General Inquiries): (204) 656-7003

RCMP Grandview Detachment (Complaints/Emergencies): (204) 546-2217
RCMP Grandview Detachment (Administration/General Inquiries): (204) 546-3196

Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Preparedness Guide
3 Steps to Emergency Preparedness
We encourage all residents to read over this information and prepare a plan for you and your household, understand your risks and design your personal emergency kit.

Pocket Guide for Emergencies – Be aware of the do’s and don’ts when disaster strikes. Information from Chemical Incidents to Severe storms.

Power Outages – What To Do?
Learn how to prepare yourself and your home for unexpected power outages.

Risk Management at a Glance
Learn and review the major risks and management of these risks facing Manitoba Municipalities.

For more information, or if you would like to participate in the community Emergency Plan please contact the R.M. of Mountain office at (204) 236-4222 or our Emergency Coordinator – Stephen Nadolney @ 204-734-8950 or