In case of an emergency call 911

Most of the R.M. of Mountain is within the Provincial Burn Permit Area, requiring a permit from Manitoba Conservation April 1st – November 15 (Call (204) 734-3429). A Burn Permit is also required from the Municipality. Permits are available at no cost and provide evidence of precautions taken to keep a fire under control.

Fires burning out of control may be investigated and charges may be laid under The Wildfires Act. Please respect weather conditions, continue to check our website for Fire Ban status, and never leave a fire unattended.

We wish all residents review the basic Do’s and Don’ts of buring, click here.

REPORT WILDFIRES 1-800-782-0076 or STUBBLE BURNING 1-800-265-1233

The Rural Municipality of Mountain is home to three Fire Departments, which are completely made up of volunteers who provide their time, energy and resources in order to keep our Municipality safe.

Birch River Fire Department
Fire Chief: Dave Forbes
Deputy Fire Chief: Dion Mosiondz
Lieutenant: Ferlin Abrahamson
Jonathan Forbes
Matthew Forbes
Ray Wotton
Bill Sigurdson
Dennis Sigurdson
Ben Kroeker
Brenin Wasylciw
Collin Kroeker
Jeffery Abrahamson
Vlad Matejka

Pine River Fire Department
Fire Chief: Michael Barschewsky
Deputy Fire Chief: Tommy Nakonechny
1st Command: Andy Schellenberg
Mervin Goosen
Dwight Goosen
Ron Sheska
Kelly Millward
Nickolus Kolisnyk
Marvin Kovachik
Carson Toews
Dylan Toews
David Livingston
Gordie Boychuk
Kelsey Doerksen
Rudy Wohlgemuth
Rueben Wohlgemuth
Willy Malcolm